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Sliding windows vs. casement windows? The choice can be a difficult one. They both offer so many benefits. But in the end, the one you choose will depend on your home style, available space, the intended usage, the room it will be located in, and your budget. We can help you decide between sliding windows or casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Also called gliders, sliding windows do just what their name implies: they slide open and closed. These windows have panels that glide from side to side in both directions, lifting easily for cleaning. They bring a clean, contemporary look to any home, and are great for areas where you’re lacking space. You see them a lot in kitchens above the sink where a horizontal window model is more efficient.

Thanks to their streamlined design and over-sized glass panels, sliding windows bring many benefits. They:

  • Are easy to use: Because they glide on a roller, you can open and close them easily with the push of a finger.
  • Are easy to clean: They have panels that lift out completely so you can clean them with ease.
  • Welcome natural light and outdoor views: Because they have oversized glass panels, you get plenty of natural light offset by wide, unobstructed views.
  • Provide lots of ventilation: Due to their streamlined design, sliders open fully for optimal amounts of fresh air and ventilation.
  • Are versatile: You can open them a lot, a little, or right in the middle. Your choice.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are also great for rooms that are tight on space, like kitchens, bathrooms and basements. You can install them horizontally or vertically depending on your available space. Crank them open to get a breeze and close them up tight at night or when it rains. They open outward so you can maximize your interior space, featuring a single sash and hinges on one side.

They are attached by security hooks or friction hinges that keep them in place so they won’t swing shut in a stiff breeze. There are many other benefits that come with casement windows.


  • Are easy to operate: Thanks to hand cranks that open and close the window, you can easily operate it where space is tight, such as above countertops, sinks, and furniture.
  • Are energy efficient: After fixed-pane or double hung windows, casement windows are the most energy efficient type you can buy. When closed, they provide an airtight seal so there is no unwanted airflow into or out of your home.
  • Able to open completely: You get wide-open ventilation when you want to enjoy a nice breeze.
  • Offer enhanced security: Thanks to locks that are embedded in the frame, casement windows provide enhanced safety and security.

If you still can’t decide which ones to choose, let us know and we will help you out!

Contact Amazing Exteriors

We offer high-quality replacement windows from Infinity® by Marvin®, so whether you decide on casement windows or sliders, we can get the job done. For more information or to get a free quote, contact us today at 512-428-8417.

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