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Amazing Wall Hardie Plank System

By January 12, 2015December 7th, 2021No Comments

Why Select James Hardie Siding For Your Home?

At Amazing Exteriors, we have set the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best possible quality and service to every client. Pursuing these goals, we have partnered up with the most popular brand in the industry, James Hardie Siding.

The competition cannot match the efficiency, durability, strength, warranty and beauty of James Hardie’s products. All traditional Hardie boards are safe and resistant. Keeping up with these standards, your Amazing Exteriors purchased product will benefit from double impact resistance and a great reduction in exterior noise, due to the innovations provided by our insulated Amazing Wall.

Home Siding’s evolution

Over time, homeowners directed their attention first to aluminum siding, and then to the newer vinyl ones.

The aluminum made siding came with a chipping finish and color over time and dents produced by hailstorms. It conducted a huge amount of heat, major issue in towns such as Austin.

Even though it provided solutions to some of its predecessor’s shortcomings, the vinyl siding proved to have its own set of problems, including, but not stopping at warping from direct sunlight and heat, fading of the color over time and even breaking from the elements.

Therefore, both aluminum and vinyl faced the rejection of homeowners from all over the United States. Nowadays, the obvious choice of most architects, builders and homeowners is the fiber cement siding.

Never Worry About Replacing Your Siding Ever Again

This type of siding brings innovative solutions to the previous versions’ issues, and provides a more natural wood grain look to buildings across the country. Our Amazing Wall Hardie Plank System ensures your home’s protection from rotting, cracking, warping and moisture damage.

We trust our merchandise and our experts. Therefore, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on Labor & Materials. Our warranty backs up the 30-year non-prorated limited warranty that the Hardie Planks come with.

Amazing Exteriors has patented an innovation to the traditional James Hardie siding planks. Adding one inch of insulation proved to be an incommensurable solution to the high cost of heating and cooling a house.

With our exclusive insulated product installed onto your walls, your home’s energy efficiency will improve by roughly 700%, making it the optimum siding solution for all weather climates and providing you with notable savings in energy bills.

Besides durability, safety and efficiency, our product provides lasting beauty. With the new ColorPlus Technology, your siding’s coloring will stay true and spotless for a very long time, without you going through the hassle of time wasting maintenance.

The days when one had to paint and repair the outside of the walls are well beyond us. You too can be the beneficiary of this trademarked contoured insulating system that features James Hardie Siding. If you would like to see a demo of this exclusive product, contact us for a FREE in-home estimate and demo.

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