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Installing new windows is a great way to make your home look its best while also delivering improved energy performance. But when will you know it is time to replace your old windows? Here are five signs that it is time to call Amazing Exteriors to talk about window replacement.

#1: Your Windows Are Old and Worn

If your current windows are “original equipment” that came with your home, or if they are more than 20 years old, they are most likely not delivering the kind of performance you expect. Windows begin to lose efficiency, develop leaks, start to warp, and just get…tired.

Replacement windows can not only save you money on heating and cooling, but also add curb appeal to your home. Some homeowners may be concerned that window replacement will take away from the character of their home and make it look too modern. At Amazing Exteriors we offer custom-sized Infinity by Marvin replacement windows in many shapes, styles, and colors. We have the perfect window to fit your home’s style and décor.

#2: You Find Moisture When It Should Not Be There

Condensation can typically appear on the inside of a window during the winter and outside in the summer. However, if condensation develops between the glass panes of your window, this indicates a broken seal. Which means it is time to replace your windows. 

Here are some more signs to look out for:

  • Yellowing, fading or discoloration on the interior walls around window frames
  • Peeling paint on window frames
  • Worn out caulking around the window
  • Damaged weatherstripping

#3: Your House is Too Noisy

Nobody wants to listen to the sounds of honking horns, barking dogs, and rumbling traffic while safe inside their home. Older style windows don’t provide much sound insulation. Newer replacement windows can absorb sound waves, decreasing noise from the outdoors. Your home deserves to be a relaxing escape from the outside world, and new windows from Infinity by Marvin can provide that comfort.

#4: Your Energy Bill is Too High

Can you feel a breeze when standing near a closed window? If the answer is yes, then you could be experiencing failing windows. That is not only annoying, it can also cause you to spend more than necessary to heat and cool your home. Drafty windows are the culprit!

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that as much as one-third of the average home’s heat loss occurs through windows and doors. According to, heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

If you are experiencing drafty windows the best advice is to replace them sooner. New windows are engineered to create an effective thermal barrier to help ensure you’re conserving energy all year long.

#5: Your Windows are Hard to Operate

Has opening your windows become a chore? Whether it’s opening, closing, or locking, your windows should not need a lot of force or pressure to operate properly. If you are experiencing jamming and sticking when using your windows, it is a sign that they should be replaced. It may be a case of moisture accumulation, rust, rotting, or warping.

Get an “Amazing” Home Improvement Experience!

Replacing your windows is a smart investment that will add value to your home, reduce energy bills, ease your cleaning routine, and reduce sound. Contact Amazing Exteriors for the widest variety and highest quality professional installation of windows, siding, roofing and doors in Texas. Visit Us at our new location too for Window Replacement in Houston, TX. Call us at (817) 756-4004 to schedule a free in-home analysis.

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