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Window replacement may not seem like the most exciting home improvement project, but it’s definitely a necessary one. From drafts and condensation between panes to curb appeal and difficult operation, there are many signs it’s time to replace your windows. The average window lasts between 15 and 20 years, but sometimes factors beyond age play into the need to replace them.

Check out these top five signs it’s time to replace your home’s windows.

1. Difficult Operation
This is certainly frustrating but it can also be unsafe. If you can’t easily open the window, you wouldn’t be able to get out in the event of a fire. And if you can’t close the window, you’re losing precious conditioned air out of your home when you don’t want to. Your windows are probably warped or broken if they stick upon opening and closing.

2. Drafts
If you notice a chill near your windows or can even feel a slight breeze when it’s windy out, you have drafty windows. Air escapes and gets inside through those gaps, making your HVAC system work overtime, to the tune of higher energy bills. Improper installation or old age can lead to drafty windows. This is the case if you have noticed higher than usual energy bills in summer or winter.
3. Fog Between Panes

The fog you see between panes is actually condensation that has formed between the glass. This means you have a seal failure, and the only viable option is total replacement. Older or improperly-installed windows are known to lose their tight seal over the years, and once moisture gets inside, it’s not going away. This looks unsightly, to be sure, but it also hampers your view of the outdoors.

4. Better Curb Appeal

If your curb appeal is unbalanced or dated, it’s time for a change. The right blend of modern windows can add an updated touch to your whole property, bringing the appeal of your house together. When designed well, they bring a cohesive look to your whole property and bring everything into alignment. If your current windows are faded or mismatched, or if you’re considering a home remodel, this is a great time to replace all your windows.

It’s easy to pair your windows with new colors, trims and modern configurations to enhance curb appeal while increasing property value all in one.

5. Natural Light

If your home is dingy and dark, new windows can really brighten things up. When you introduce new sources of natural light into your home, you get many benefits. Natural light and fresh air can bring many health benefits, both known to boost vitamin D, stave off seasonal depression, improve sleep patterns and mood, and reduce the health risks associated with harsh fluorescent lighting.

When replacing your windows, consider adding a large picture, bay or bow window for the ultimate in light filtration.

Contact Amazing Exteriors for Quality Replacement Windows

If you identified with any of the above signs, we would be happy to provide window replacement with long-lasting Infinity from Marvin windows. Please contact us to book a consultation and get a free quote today.

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