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Replacing your home’s windows is an ambitious project, and an important investment in the value of your home. Don’t make any of these five common mistakes when purchasing new replacement windows.

  1. Insisting On the Lowest Cost

We understand that cost must be a consideration. With that being said, you should not let price be your primary focus. If you make “cheapest” the number one priority, you may end up with poor quality windows that won’t last more than a few years. When thinking about price, you have to consider the lifetime cost of windows. The upfront cost is only a fraction of the total expense. How much will it cost to clean, paint, maintain, and repair these cheaper windows down the road?

Very rarely will the windows with the lowest initial cost also have the lowest lifetime cost. Look at your budget, your future cash flow expectations, and make and balance the upfront versus long-term costs before making a decision.

  1. Not Asking the Right Questions

When it comes to choosing the right windows and finding the best contractor to install those windows, it’s critical that you ask the right questions. Failing to do so may result in a rash, uneducated decision that you’ll regret in the months and years to come. Here are a few of the questions to ask regarding the windows themselves:

  • What type of warranty comes with the windows?
  • What is the insulating U-factor and R-value of the windows?
  • How much light do these windows let in?
  • Will the windows need to be repainted frequently?
  • The questions you ask prospective contractors are equally important. Start with the following:
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you offer a workmanship warranty on the installation?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you have any referrals from past clients?
  • How long will it take you to complete the project from start to finish?
  • Do you subcontract workers or use company employees?

Getting answers to all of these questions is a crucial step in the window replacement process. It is also a good idea to get these answers in writing so you will have something to fall back on should you run in to any issues.

  1. Replacing Windows with the Same Style/Model

Many homeowners choose their replacement windows based on the type of window that was previously installed. While this may sound like the easy way out, it is a major mistake.

Window technology and manufacturing processes have changed over the years. If you insist on installing the same style or model of window you will miss out on better solutions. Do some research and find a modern style that fits your needs. In a few years, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Not Considering Security

The most frequent place that burglaries occur is through first floor windows. So, when choosing replacing windows, you must think about security features. Not only do the windows need good locking mechanisms, but the glass panes should be strong. You also need to think about the visibility they provide from the outside looking in. While two windows may look identical when installed, you may be surprised to learn that certain models are much safer than others.

  1. Not Thinking About Your Schedule and Time of Year

It is important to consider your schedule. A replacement project will take some time and can be a disruptive process if you are not adequately prepared. Furniture and personal belongings need to be moved away from the windows. Security systems need to be disarmed in order to allow workers to do a thorough job.  Pets need to be placed in the backyard and kept away from the installation team.

You also need to think about the time of the year during which the window replacement will take place. While our expert crews can install replacement windows in most temperature conditions, you might want to avoid the middle of summer or dead of winter, as we will need to open up your home for a few hours. Consider replacing windows in the spring or fall when the weather is comfortable. Make sure you schedule ahead of time, though. These months tend to be the busiest for contractors like Amazing Exteriors.

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