Exterior Siding: 5 Risks of Delaying Your Siding Replacement

You may be well aware you need to replace your exterior siding at some point, (and soon)! But if you haven’t taken the reins on the project yet, you’re not alone. Many homeowners wait on exterior remodeling projects. They believe the scope of the endeavor seems large, or because other projects around the home may seem … Continued

Improving Your Home’s Value: 4 Outdoor Upgrades to Avoid

Many homeowners undergo extensive renovations or repairs hoping that the fruits of their labor will increase in their home’s value, and in many cases, this is an accurate assumption. A home that looks fantastic from the outside in, and which has plenty of curb appeal, can be an attractive property for buyers if you put … Continued

Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior

When you first start replacing your home’s exterior, you’ll be faced with ample choices when it comes to: Materials Stylish details Levels of protection Ways to Maintain Vinyl Siding  Vinyl siding can offer a world of benefits for homeowners. Cost-effective and durable vinyl siding can provide a solid layer of protection for your home.   But just like all types of … Continued

Replace Your Gutters, Is It Time?

Though they are a small and subtle part of your home’s exterior, the health and functionality of your gutters can play a significant role in keeping your home protected throughout. Gutters that are failing, cracked, or clogged can cause damage to your roof and everything under it. They can also lead to major water damage … Continued

Can Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money?

With the hot days of summer on the horizon, homeowners everywhere are likely expecting an uptick in their monthly energy bills. Air conditioning is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to energy costs, and as the temperatures rise, it’s not unusual for folks across the country to experience monthly utility bills that are … Continued

5 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Home     

The Atlantic Hurricane Season began on June 1, and regardless of where you live in the country, if you are in a few hundred miles of coastal shoreline, your property could be at risk for storm damage. Hundreds of miles wide, hurricanes can impact huge regions that are well away from the coast, and for … Continued

The Story Behind Amazing Exteriors

Amazing Exteriors has been offering home improvement services and high-quality products to customers across the U.S. since 1989! An amazing feat when you take into consideration the average life span of home improvement businesses is less than a decade. While we could let our experience speak for us, we want to give you a real … Continued

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Often times homeowners don’t think about replacing their windows until a problem has occurred; perhaps one of your kids’ rogue baseballs crashed through the living room or you recognized your existing windows aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. However, ignoring your windows for years on end could be costing you money or just making your home … Continued

6 Reasons You Should Invest In a Storm Door

We often overlook our home’s doors and their role in our homes. When you invest in a quality storm door, you’re protecting your home and can enjoy an enhancement that can last decades. There are a few reasons and benefits to adding a storm door to your home, and today that’s exactly what we’ll cover. Functionality … Continued

3 Upgrades to Revive Your Home

We’ve been in the home improvement industry long enough to know homeowners are always looking for change. How many Pinterest boards do you have dedicated to projects related to your home? How many times have you been watching HGTV, and thought to yourself, “I’d love to do that to my house!” Many times, homeowners want … Continued

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